Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wait. What Year is it Again?

Holy Seventies Flashback, Batman!

I just received the new spring catalog from Pier 1. It's full of all kinds of fun, affordable, colorful accents for your home, and these. . .

Who would have thought something as wonderfully weird as ice candles would make a comeback. But shag carpeting did, didn't it? And "avocado" re-packaged as "wasabi". And bold, graphic wallpaper. Do any of you other 70's kids remember making these candles in your kitchen? Using an empty milk carton as the form? With your mom standing nervously by so you didn't burn said kitchen to the ground? (or send yourself to the emergency room)

I cannot have these in my house. Certain home trends are like fashion—if you wore it (or, in this case, decorated with it) the first time around, it's probably best that you avoid it now. You won't see me sporting a pair of Candie's wedges or hanging macrame art on my walls no matter how much I loved them in my youth. But if, against my good advice, you are so inclined, or you are young enough that this idea is "new to you", toddle on over to
Pier 1 and pick up a few of these candles. Better yet, get the whole groovy experience and make your own. I found a great tutorial here.
Pier 1 calls these "coral candles" and lists their fragrances as "first rain" and "oceans".
But don't let them fool you.
They're ice candles. And they should smell
like patchouli and sandalwood.



A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Flashback indeed! I remember all of these candles and have no desire to see them again unless I am having 70's party, which would mean I would have to perm my hair again....yikes! Would be delighted to have you join my Cycle Challenge when you are ready. Let me know whne you are ready to sign up. All the best.

charlotteannette said...

That post was HILARIOUS! Even though I am apparently a toddler...I kind of think the candles are creepy and haven't seen them before. But I think candies wedges and macrame art are groovy!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

OMGosh, I hated the smell of patchouli oil! It was everywhere! I grew up in SF. I never wore the stuff. But I did wear flowers in my hair. ;)

Bellbottoms, platform shoes, big hair, all made their way back too. In addition to making those ice candles, we'll be making our own lava lamps, sewing up bean bag chairs and wearing bandanas that match our clutch bag. It's all so cyclical.


Melanie said...

Okay, that was funny. I am like you, no matter how much something is in style and I don't like it, I am NOT putting it in my house. I don't like the color blue (in my house) because I had blue carpet 24 yrs. ago:) Now I love all the blue rooms I see online but I just can't make the leap and put it in my house. LOL!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Ice candles! Oh, my gosh, these bring back (long buried) memories. We don't have any Pier One stores in our area anymore, so I didn't know they were selling these. Too funny!

Sam said...

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