Monday, September 28, 2009

Warm Your Welcome

One of the best ways, and my favorite way, to make a home welcoming and ready for the fall holidays and visitors, is to add a seasonal wreath to the front door. The warmth and cozy comfort it conveys is worth the effort and, quite often, costs next to nothing at all if you take the time to use things you already have or natural elements from your own yard.

The wreath you see above on the gorgeous red door was created by crafter, editor, blogger, designer and proprietress of vintage goods Heather Bullard. She blogged about the serendipitous way this beautiful wreath came to be last fall, not on her own site but on HomeGoods' Openhouse blog. As she tells it, Heather purchased two garlands to hang on her fireplace mantel but decided they were too much for that space. So she devised a new way to use them. Wired together, the garland of berries and another of pine cones and fall leaves became a lovely wreath. A few strands of raffia complement the loose natural look and a pretty bow adds the finishing touch. Of all the images I collected for this post, I like this one best, and may just try it myself. On purpose, thanks to Heather's happy accident. You can read her HomeGoods post by clicking on the wreath. To learn more about her great vintage style, click here to go to her blog.

Following, are a dozen more ideas. I hope there's at least one here that will work for you!

Another pretty berry wreath, above, is fashioned from branches gathered on the homeowner's property. You may have something similar growing in or around your own yard. Go take a look. Gather some vines and branches, twist them into a circle, secure with twine or wire and voila!—your new fall wreath.

If you have twigs and berries, it's entirely possible that you might also have dried flowers or seed pods and rose hips on hand. If not, they're easy to find at craft stores and florist suppliers. Wire your finds in bunches to a grapevine wreath. When designing or choosing a wreath to purchase, you should also consider where it will hang. Don't these fiery fall colors look great against a jade green door?

And on a sunny yellow door, pheasant feathers and chocolate brown satin ribbon add warmth and depth and beautiful textures.

A very traditional wreath of leaves and wheat and berries even has tiny pumpkins wired to it. Gourds or small ears of Indian corn would have the same effect. Against the creamy white door, the fall colors really stand out.

I love this fat little wreath, above, stuffed full with leaves and dried florals and wheat. The twigs sticking out all around soften the look and add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise very traditional look.

A very rustic wreath hung on an equally rustic gate is crafted from seed pods glued to a styrofoam base. Berries and vines are tucked in all around to add color and even more crunchy texture.

This simple yet stunning wreath, above, is made from a single element—leafy twigs full of turning leaves snipped from neighborhood trees.

Square wreaths make a more contemporary statement than the usual round. Modern in shape but made with traditional materials, this example, above, offers the best of both worlds. And I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like the brown leaves could be metal. Rusty metal garlands can be found in country decor stores.

If fall at your house feels more like summer, you may want a lighter, brighter look like the wreath above. Frothy with dried summer flowers, vibrant green leaves and just a few fall berries, it bridges the seasons beautifully.

Another wreath suited for both late summer and fall is this square wreath of dried herbs available at Williams-Sonoma. Perfect for cooks and foodies, it would also look great in your kitchen.

Choose a wreath like this one, above, and you can enjoy it during the fall and and on into winter. The graying, cool shades of oak leaves look especially beautiful against this stripped and faded wooden door.

Another fall to winter wreath features evergreen branches and citrus fruits. The striped wired ribbon adds a crisp finish.

One last wreath caught my eye and I just had to include it. Does your college-age son resist your attempts to decorate his apartment? Does the "man cave" in your own home lack holiday charm? Is Oktoberfest the number one holiday in your man's life? Craft a wreath with dude appeal using pub coasters! Go on, I dare you!

Beginning after Heather's wreath: #1, #2 and #12 found at, #4 at, #5 at, #6 at, #7 at, # 9 and #11 at, and #10 at #3 and #8 sources are unknown. And I wish I could give its clever creator credit, but the colorful pub coaster wreath (love that blue door!) is an image I've had in my file for some time now. Please don't ask me why.


Jennifer, Inside Out Colour and Design said...

I'm loving seeing all these beautiful wreaths on the Blogs. We don't celebrate Fall here in Australia. Halloween is starting to gain momentum but really patchy and definitely not to the extent that you guys go. We don't do Thanksgiving either so really not much to celebrate in Fall here. But I do envy y'all.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love all these inspiration pictures, Tracy. I need to redo my most recent Fall front door project because it was too wide for the door to close against the storm door. I should have gone with a wreath!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

You have just reminded me that I have one of these in the attic...I now have to go get it!

Anonymous said...

I love fall wreaths on the door and these are great images. I need to figure out a way to modify mine so that the birds don't make a nest in it. Seriously. Last time the door was a mud mess by the time they were done!

Annie@A View On Design said...

I love putting these wreaths together, when I get the time, but mine just don't end up looking like these unfortunately! lol

Struggler said...

Well, the pub mats are a little too much, but I'd happily hang any of the others. I do like the square one from Williams Sonoma especially.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I adore the one on the yellow door!

A Country Farmhouse said...

I am in dire need of a fall wreath. I LOVE your examples above - I'm completely inspired to get busy! I am kicking myself for not buying a beautiful wheat wreath I found at Home Goods. Home Goods is one of my favorite stores! Too bad (or maybe it's good) that they're over an hour away! ; ) Trina

Pigtown-Design said...

We had a grape arbour growing up and we'd make grape vine wreaths from the cuttings at the end of the season.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

A wreath on the front door is a must for the fall. I especially love the look of a fall wreath against a red door.

Cristin said...

Nothing says fall like a lovely wreath on the front door. Great select here too!

cristin @ simplified bee

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello~I've just strolled into your blog for my first visit via Miss Heathers...I've enjoyed taking a peek at your past posts. What beauty! You've got so many wonderful treasures.
We share similar taste for so many of the same design elements.

The one thing that can cheer me up as I watch summer come to a close is... the anticipation of fall and all the autumnal colors that come with it.
Providing creative inspiration.

I've bookmarked you in my favs.
I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

Sweet wishes,

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I always have a wreath on my front door. I usually wait for October 1and then summer wreath comes down and the autumn wreath goes up and stays until December 1. Sometimes I feel Thanksgiving gets lost in the Christmas rush.

The pub coaster wreath is clever! I can see that on the door for Super Bowl Sunday! :-)

Renae said...

I am not really a wreath-y type person BUT I do like the first one and the fall coloured oak leaves!

Renae said...

I am not really a wreath-y type person BUT I do like the first one and the fall coloured oak leaves!

thegardenerscottage said...

Hi Tracy,

Fall wreaths are about the only way I decorate my house for fall. Crazy huh. I love these photos.

p.s. I've awarded you the Honest Scrap Award. Check out my blog to see the rules, it's easy!