Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, All On Sale...

Well, not all, but some. And nice ones too!

For some reason, I have been obsessed with mirrors lately. Comes from trying to brighten up my own look and throw some light around, I suppose. Not sure yet whether a mirror will do it, but I'll be considering a couple of these should things go that way.
In my webmail box this morning was a notice that Pottery Barn is having a July 4th Sale. I cruised around their homepage and can't see how long the sale lasts, so you may have to act fast if there's something you like. On the list of new items on sale today, I found these great mirrors and couldn't resist showing them to you because every one of them is good-looking and there's enough variety to suit just about any decorating style and space. I'm not sure yet that I'll be buying, but maybe one of you can benefit from the affordable pricing. And these are only the ones on their "new sale items" list. There are plenty more to see if you're inclined to look around their entire site. But, I'm telling you, stalk their website regularly if you see something you like that's still full price... just about everything goes on sale eventually! (WARNING: Pottery Barn items that are priced with a 99 at the end instead of zeroes--as in $219.99 vs $219.00--are final sales. You can't return the item and you can't even cancel the sale once it's placed. I got a great deal on a rug that way once, but I had been "stalking" it and knew it was exactly what I wanted.)
First up, the Chevron Bone Mirror, pictured above in a pretty, sandy-colored room and below, up close. Besides the beachy home you see here, I can see this mirror in an ethnic-inspired setting surrounded by collections of Asian or African origin. It would look fantastic in a foyer so you can more easily see, and touch, the inlays. $249.99 (reduced from 349.00)

Next is the Basketweave Rattan Mirror. Great texture on that woven frame. Nice over a mantel as pictured below, or, again, in an entry where its tactile qualities would shine. I can also see this one and three others, hung close together, two over two, on a tall wall in a voluminous living or family room. If you like the tropical look of a Barclay Butera beach interior, this is the perfect mirror for you. $299.00 (reduced from $349.00)
The Rustic Elm Floor Mirror makes a statement. Quietly but with strength. Would look great in many interiors from contemporary to country, cottage or industrial. $499.99 + an additional $40 delivery fee because of its large size (reduced from $699.00)
The Concentric Planked Mirror. This one would be more versatile than you might think at first glance. Now, I love red and think of it as a neutral. So I can see this mirror almost anywhere except the most traditional or period-specific spaces, where something more classic or ornate might be appropriate. If you look at it on the website, be sure to view it in the larger window. The variety of colors and textures in the frame make for great interest even though the shape is very simple. $249.00 (reduced from $299.00)
This is the one that's got me walking around my house with a measuring tape in my hand. The Wooden Door Mirror. Love the honey color of the frame and quarter-circle insets in the corners. Imagine it hung horizontally over a sofa or large sideboard in a dining room. Or just prop it up in the corner, as pictured below, and enjoy how pretty it is. The best deal too, I think, at $199.00 + a $20 delivery fee (reduced from $259.00)
Lots of great sales just about everywhere these days if you have a decorating need and a little bit of extra money. So on this Independence Day weekend, whether it's to Pottery Barn or somewhere else, be a good American and go forth and stimulate the economy!

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