Monday, July 6, 2009

It's the little things...

...that sometimes get me so excited I just have to run and tell someone. In the past, that someone has primarily been my husband. Who very often, and quite understandably, couldn't care less. But by virtue of proximity (we live together and work in side-by-side home offices most days), he's the first person I go to with a "fantastic" new idea or discovery. He's a good sport though. And a really nice person. So he'll listen patiently while I expound on my own genius. "Look!", I'll say, "Doesn't it make an enormous difference that I moved the hand towels from the top shelf to the middle?!" He'll let me go on and on and on (and on) about the new table linens I found today and "how versatile they will be!" because of the tiny specks of cobalt blue. And he'll pretend to approve of the changes I made to the bookcase accessories even though I know he can't see any difference at all. Sometimes though his glazed expression or slow-motion backing out of the room will be my cue to stop. talking. now. Because he's had enough. He's only one man, after all.

But now I have you. And since I can't tell from here whether there are 5 of you or 50 or (gulp!) none at all right now, I'm going to pretend that there are plenty. More than enough to ensure that someone will be interested in this:

Adhesive plate hangers that really work! (click on the photo or go to the link below to get a larger view). I first discovered these online but hadn't yet ordered any when I met a nice lady in a cute shop who pointed out, while I was buying a pretty blue platter-- "to hang on a wall", I explained--that she had these great new hangers in stock. She showed me the plates hanging in her shop office, explained how they worked and sent me home with a platter and six plate hangers in a variety of sizes. The hangers in these photos are the very same ones I bought, available online at Fine Home Displays, for about the same retail prices I paid. I don't have photos of the plates I hung using them, but, trust me, they're easy to use, (soak in water to activate the adhesive, apply to plate, let dry and cure for 24 hrs, hang), are very secure, and can be removed just as easily. Best of all, they look so much better than those springy-clampy hangers we've all used before.

You're welcome!

Top image via Pacific Pintos (, a miniature horse farm in Fort Bragg, California, breeders of super-cute, teeny-tiny little ponies. That's Pacific Jazz Hot Spots there in the photo and he was only 23" tall at birth. I think my dog is bigger than that.
For the record though, if I were to keep miniature farm animals of any kind, it would be Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

But not everyone thinks goats are as great as I think they are. So I used a pony. Everybody likes ponies.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to look for these.

And I adore goats! I'd have a goat and a sheep if Edward would only agree. But I can't see that happening any time soon!

Anonymous said...

These are great! I hate those metal plate hangers. Thanks for the tip.

The mini horse and goats are so cute!


Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

Thanks Pamela and Michelle! I'm so glad you found this helpful! And I'm certain if you use them, you'll think they're pretty great.

For you and anyone else reading this note, what's not been so helpful is the link to the retailer I put in my post. It appears to be broken and beyond my ability to fix. If you're using Google, you'll be redirected to the site's home page. If you're not using Google, use your own browser to go to On their home page, type "adhesive plate hanger" into their search box and you'll be taken right to the product.


Love Where You Live said...

Love the little pony -- and the small goats!!! And, you've got at least one who appreciated knowing about the plate clips!! So much better than the all-inclusive wire hangers. I tried your link but couldn't pull up the page. I will do a search, 'cause I want them. Thanks for your wise comment on my blog. You are soooo right. Not all kitchens are the heart of the home. I totally agree. cheers, -susan

Hill Country House Girl said...

What a great tip! I am going to do a search today - you are so right, they are better than the spring loaded ones that I wrestle with. What a great blog you have!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

There is nothing as cute as a baby...I am not picky about the kind. Loved your comment, thanks for visiting.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love those...that's a great tip!! Thanks, I always struggle with that. The photos of those little goats are just adorable.
ps. the signs are back in stock.

xo Lidy