Friday, January 1, 2010

Crystal Balls

At this time of year, the New Year, crystal balls everywhere are working overtime, seeking answers to important questions. What will 2010 bring in the way of... celebrity weddings?... the economy?... World Series teams?... the jobs market?... the final season of "Lost"?... U.S. relations with China? apps for my iphone?... and on and on and on. I can't help you in any of those areas. But I can share a sampling of the predictions for interior design and decor I've happened upon. Here's what we have to look forward to in the next twelve months according to the crystal balls and those who are adept at gazing into them:

Anh-Minh Le, who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, lists ten trends for 2010 in an article you can find here on SFGate. Among her predictions are layered floor coverings (rugs on rugs, love it), wallpapered ceilings (yep, that's what she said), decorating with artisinal goods (a fancier way of saying "handmade") and the well-traveled look. To illustrate this last one, she points to the Sundance Channel series "Man Shops Globe" in which Anthropologie buyer Keith Johnson visits country after country, looking for special pieces and inspiration for the company's stores. I almost can't stand it that my cable line-up doesn't include Sundance programming... or that Mr. Johnson could be so lucky as to have that job.

Man shops South Africa, encounters amazingly tame wildlife.

Patricia Gray, the Canadian designer with a fantastic blog of the same name, shows us in this post the color predictions from paint company Farrow & Ball. Most interesting, I think, is the way they sort their color choices into groups with distinct names and personalities. Unable to choose just one group (because more color is always better in my book), I would prefer a blend of "Urban Decay" and "Glitz and Glamour". Sounds like an identity crisis, I know. Go see for yourself which group you most closely identify with.

Also all about color is an article on By now, most of us designery types know that Pantone has chosen turquoise as their "it" home interiors color for 2010. Their Fashion Color Report Spring 2010 tells us how clothing designers plan to bring the same color plus "splashes of sunshine" and "practicality as well as fun" to our wardrobes in the coming months. Sounds good to me. Download the full report at the bottom of the article for a fun look at what designers from Erin Fetherston to Tracy Reese to Badgley Mishka (and everyone in between) think we should be wearing come springtime, including their own signature color choices.

Textile design trends illustrated: "Futuristic" according to Heimtextil

And then, there's this report : "Heimtextil Trend 2010/2011 - UNI[RE]VERSE is the answer to universality". Huh? In a nutshell, the report, also found at, outlines the focus of the international trade fair for home and contract textiles, Heimtextil 2010/2011, to be held January 13-16 in Frankfurt. Exhibitors from some sixty countries will present products, designs and manufacturing methods all scouted and invited to represent new and emerging trends in home furnishings and textiles. Their concept for the show, UNI[RE]VERSE, encompasses four styles: Futuristic, Temptation, Hypernature and Intuition. It's all very intellectual and esoteric and, frankly, a bit over my head, but intriguing nonetheless.

Easier to apply (and comprehend) is House Beautiful's version of paint color predictions for 2010. Read about and see them here. Also featured on the magazine's website are their New Year's resolutions for your home—tips for organizing and decluttering every room can be found here.

Open-shelf storage is good according to House Beautiful,
but those Mimosa walls are so last year.

Of course, we need something to put all these new furnishings and fashions and textiles and colors into. offers their 5 home-buying trends for 2010. What buyers want in new homes are often the same things those of us not planning a move will want to add to our existing spaces. So what will be hot in the new year? Smaller, greener, open floor plans that include dual home offices and easy transitions to outdoor living. Read here to find out why McMansions are out and dinners at home on the patio are in... two "trends" I've been on board with for, well, ever.

Plans for this Sheldon Designs cutie found at

Don't you love the crystal balls at the top of this post? They're not the kind that reveal the future, but I'll tell you, if I had the right kind of bathroom, I can imagine my future holding many languorous moments spent gazing up at them from my tub. Appropriately called H20, it's available at and brings me to one last prediction. . . the chandelier's hammered canopy reminded me that Lauren at Pure Style Home says brass is back. Or will be back. Or should be back. No, not shiny Eighties brass. Better brass. Really great looking "new" brass. Read this post and you'll want her to be right.

Whew! That's a lot to keep up with, isn't it? But, you know, as many and varied as all of these ideas are, I've also repeatedly seen trend forecasters predicting that eclecticism and comfort and individuality in interiors will continue in 2010. What that says to me is this: Do what you want. Use what you like. Trends may inform manufacturers and momentarily entertain us, but in the end, I have to live in my home and you in yours. Make sure that yours pleases you, not the trendsetters. Make sure that it works for you and your lifestyle. And have some fun while you're at it. Even the trendiest of the trendies at Heimtextil advocate that. That I understood.


Melanie said...

That was a mouth FULL! Iy, Yi, Yi! I just moved to a new home and it is starting to take shape and I will go check out some of the links you posted. Thanks! Have a great New Year.

Averill said...

Great roundup of all the predictions in home decor for 2010. I'm excited to see more color continue to work it's way from the runway to the home (esp. turquoise and purple!), the continued fascination with gray and, above all, the movement away from a single look or style in favor of a more eclectic and personal mix.

the gardeners cottage said...

Hi Tracy,

What a great post. So much info to digest. But I totally agree with you that in the end despite what's in or not, you have to love your choices.

I love the idea of a wallpapered ceiling for the office. I would hate to have to do it though. Also the plaster walls are so old and wobbly it would be super hard to get it to look good. The celiing now is painted Natural Wicker by BM. I thought I would have to repaint it but it actually looks pretty with the black. So I lucked out. Thanks for you kind comments.

Happy New Year,

Your Friend,



Hey, loved the Pantone link...what a good idea. As a jewelry designer I've been looking at pieces of real turquoise, sterling silver and huge faceted yellow glass stones all worked together in layered looks stunning. And, now I know I'm right on point with the trend. Yes!! Happy New Year.

Struggler said...

Trends are tricky things. Apart from the fact I have a talent for catching the tail end of them, I would only really want smaller accessories in my home to follow a 'trend' because it's just too expensive and time-consuming to change things otherwise. And I can't imagine trying to sell a paint color to Beloved Husband by assuring him it's the latest look :)

Jill said...

Hi Tracey!

Your comments were so sweet today, loved your post about Lightening Up - I intend to do lots of the same this year. I look forward to our journey together.... Stay in touch!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I admit I want to be up on all styles. But if I don't like them, I don't bother. I stay away from all trends. So as I see a trend, I run. Fun post!

Love Where You Live said...

Great post! I learned so much and appreciated knowing so much of what I personally like remains on the mainstay list. Glad to hear open-area concepts are in, as well as small or shall I say smaller?! Love the color turquoise, too. Oh, it's gonna be a great year. I just feel it.....cheers,-susan

gina said...

All fun ideas and predicitions- can't wait to add some color around here!

Anonymous said...

I'm always interested to see how reality stacks up against predictions. Sometimes the general population doesn't love or really jump on the bandwagon the way their supposed to! :-) Loving the light fixture at the beginning of the post.

BTW, did I say Happy New Year in my last comment? If not, I meant to. Glad I "met" you this year! I love your blog and appreciate your support of mine, too.

Jane Schott said...

I also don't get Sundance and have been watching the episodes on Youtube...try it.

Really fabulous series.