Tuesday, November 3, 2009

They've Got My Number

Big Brother is alive and well and apparently working at Horchow. You know, the online home decor company that in 1971 became the first luxury mail-order catalog without an actual “bricks and mortar” storefront. Currently partnered with The Neiman Marcus Group, it remains a reliable source for distinctive fine furniture, linens and decorative accents. All at a luxury-level price, as you might imagine.

Horchow has long been one of my "go to" sources for decorating inspiration. And they must be on to me because, yesterday, I received an email from the company telling me "our design team thought you might like these items". Curious, I had to look. Color? Check. Whimsy? Check. Transitional designs that work in both traditional and contemporary settings? Check. Pretty chairs with great lines and even better upholstery treatments? Check and check. (Will you just look at that peacock chair, below. It has a velvety bow buckled across its back!)

So how is it they happened to send images that were all just my style? Do you think they know about the chair I used in this post about purple? And again in this post about a plate? Do you think they know that I once used a lamp shade identical to the one you see here, below, to write about budget-friendly lighting? Do they know how much time I spend browsing around in their bedding ensembles and table settings? Somehow, I think they must.

"But wait", you say. "Tracy, don't you know they're just manipulating you?"— "Send her a bunch of pictures she'll like" the ever-watchful marketing execs growl. "If she bites and blogs about them, that's more free advertising for us!" Followed by barrel-chested, cigar-chomping, corporate bad guy laughter.

While I appreciate your (imagined) concern, my response to the above scenario is: so what. (And, no, I don't really think that's the way it went down.) If I can use Horchow's beautiful, colorful, sometimes over-the-top merchandise and design tips to advise clients and come up with my own easier-on-the-budget alternatives, then they are welcome to "use" my blog (to reach my vast readership of twelve) any time they want. In fact, I recommend you take a look at what they have to offer. Try to take away some ideas for your next creative decorating venture. Ideas don't cost a thing. But... if you are drawn to make a purchase (and they are, by the way, having a pretty decent sale right now), do tell them Tracy sent you. Maybe they'll send me some more pretty pictures. When they finish congratulating and slapping each other on the back.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Ha! And I thought that email was just for me! ; ) I love looking at their website, too. Great ideas, beautiful things ~ but I don't buy either. I want a Horchow look on a Home Goods budget!

the gardeners cottage said...

hi tracey,

as part of your vast readership i appreciate this post. that first lamp had me. birds & black. very funny post and i think i will look at their website. i'm like kathy, above, although i'm on a garage sale budget!


Colette's Cottage said...

oooh, love the lampshade. And the mindgames that the Horchow marketing dept is playing with you :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gosh. I love that peacock chair!

maría cecilia said...

Hello Tracy, thank you so much for adding my blog to your list... I was meeting your favorite blogs and found myself here... I feel very honoured.
María Cecilia

Averill said...

I love Horchow, mostly because they manage to have a pretty good sale about every other week, making their not-very-affordable things almost-affordable. :)

Tammy@InStitches said...

oooh, I love Horchow, I haven't shopped there in a while.

pk said...

They're definitely out to getcha! :-) I really like Horchow too, but have never purchased anything there. Lots of great eye candy though (as evidenced in your post!).
pk @ Room Remix

Struggler said...

Ah yes, Horchow. They're the ones who have me sitting on the sofa flipping through their catalog, exclaiming in awe and some indignation at their outrageous prices. But their items are indeed highly blog-worthy. :)