Friday, June 19, 2009

Comfort Food Friday

Because this Sunday is Father's Day, I present a favorite comfort food that is not mine, but my husband's. He grew up on the East Coast. Massachusetts to be precise. But for thirty years now he's lived here on the West Coast. Still pahks his cah in the yahd though. And still loves loves loves fresh New England-style seafoods. Most of all, long-neck steamers. Hard to find here, but the clam of choice if you grew up there. Or so I'm told.

Now, you might say "yum!", but I say "yuck!". Clams belong in a chowder. Swimming in a creamy, buttery broth with a few potatoes. That's as far as I'm gonna go with clams. But my clam-loving husband goes all the way. To Maine. It's become something of a Father's Day tradition. No, he doesn't actually go to Maine, but his steamers do come from there. By FedEx. With a couple of lobsters to keep them company. And their journey's not over when they arrive on our doorstep. The very next day, they'll take a drive down the coast to my father-in-law's house. He's lived here for a few years now too. Together, father and son will steam a big pot of freshly-delivered seafood, bake a couple of potatoes, divvy up some crusty bread and dig in. More than a few cold beers will be employed to wash it all down. It will be a good day.

What food from your childhood or faraway hometown is your favorite?

Top image is Swan River Seafood in Dennisport, Cape Cod, MA. Looks like our kind of place, though we haven't been there. Yet. Bottom image via Flickr. Long-necks and lobsters are ordered from

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